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Ninja Master Prep Professional Blender, Chopper and Ice Crusher: More Power & 2 Times Faster

Rule the kitchen with the Ninja Master Prep Pro! Designed to combat even the toughest culinary challenges, this revolutionary food and drink maker combines the best features of a traditional blender, a food processor and a stick blender all in one device.

Buyers Guide
  • “It is very powerful and easy to clean.” – WesterG
  • “We mince garlic, make smoothies, mix cake batter and we’ve even made soft serve ice cream.” – Matt Mimnagh
  • “This is why the Ninja “blender” makes so much sense!” – SnowChick144

DeLonghi 9-Cup Capacity Food Processor with Integrated Blender

Get two appliances in one compact, space-saving machine with the DeLonghi 9-Cup Food Processor. Quickly and easily make freshly made meals for your family, like sauces or soups, dough for bread or chop herbs and vegetables straight from your garden.

Consumer Reviews
  • “Very well made .” – Paul C Ehmke
  • “I really like this food processor.” – bluewanderer
  • “Piece of Junk.” – Christopher Colon

Cuisinart BFP-703 SmartPower Duet Blender and Food Processor, White

The Cuisinart name is synonymous with innovation in the kitchen, and this SmartPower Duet blender/food processor is truly a revolution. You’ll save counter space and enjoy the best food preparation available.

Product Comparisons
  • “The plastic piece on the base that fits into the bottom of the glass jar has cracked and broken on me twice.” – Fiona
  • “I only use this blender a few times a month, mostly for smoothies; I rarely use the food processor because it is too loud.” – S. Atchison
  • “Every time I use it to make a smoothie, it completely fails to crush, chop, stir the ice, fruit or any other ingredient I put in.” – Sam Whittaker

Black & Decker Food Processor & Blender, Wide Mouth Combo
Black & Decker

Just how powerful is the Power Pro Wide-Mouth Food Processor? So powerful, that we had to design special heavy-duty suction cup feet to keep it in place while it slices, chops, shreds, grates and purees whole apples, potatoes, cucumbers, onions, blocks of cheese or any other whole foods with ease.

Product Comparisons
  • “After little use, the plastic piece that connects the base unit to the motor broke.” – Jon
  • “I only used the blender for smoothies, but it broke after a couple of months of use.” – Josh
  • “Easy to clean and easy to use.” – Eva Y. Murphy

Cuisinart BFP-703CH SmartPower Duet Blender and Food Processor, Chrome

Cuisinart BFP-703CH SmartPower Duet Blender/Food Processor,Chrome Enjoy a frozen drink, crush enough ice for a crowd, and prepare hors d’oeuvres for a partywith the Cuisinart SmartPower Duet Blender/Food Processor.

Customer Reviews
  • “I have not had any issues using the blender or the food processor.” – Jennifer Taber
  • “First the plastic piece the blade is on cracked and it leaked.” – curt
  • “Every time I’ve used the blender, the motor smells like it’s burning up.” – LauraBonelli

DeLonghi DFP950 Die-cast 3-in-1 Food Processor,Blender, Scale

Get three appliances in one compact, space-saving machine with the De’Longhi 12-Cup Food Processor. Quickly and easily make freshly made meals for your family, like sauces or soups, dough for bread or chop herbs and vegetables straight from your garden.

  • “This is the first review for a product that I have ever written.” – E. Riendeau
  • “I believe it is bad design as I have looked at the better model blenders and they do not use a weak plastic like Delonghi does in such a demanding area.” – Rebecca
  • “Putting the bowl on with the handle facing to the left side of the machine has broken both bowls — on the SAME day.” – michael

Braun K3000 220 to 240-volt 3-in-1 Kitchen Center, 50Hz, Includes Mixer/Blender and Food Processor

With its 950 Watt, the Braun Multisystem K 3000 is the most powerful Kitchen Machine on the market. Powerful electronic speed control from 50 rpm to 10.

Cuisinart AFP-7 3-Cup Food Processor Duet Attachment, White

Please note that this is an attachment to Cusinart Blenders of the SmartPower Duet Series.

Buyers Guide
  • “Well…it does a nice job in terms of food texture and quality, for what it is, but its lid seal is not great, and it is so LOUD it actually hurts my ears to use.” – Rebekah M. Levy
  • “No one has contacted me to discuss.” – Darryl Marbury
  • “I have also broken both of the pieces that hold the top to the bottom.” – bruchko12

Cuisinart CB-600FPPC4 SmartPower Premier Duet Blender/Food Processor, Stainless Steel

Die Cast Blender/Food Processor

Consumer Reviews
  • “We loved the look on our counter and weren’t bothered by the sound (I guess I just expect blenders to be loud…didn’t know there were quieter ones!).” – Eva L. Pentenrieder
  • “The plastic area of rotation where the blade spins from broke into small pieces when the unit turned on and got into the sauce I was making which had to be thrown out.” – GL
  • “Don’t even think about buying this blender/food processor!” – Chris

SmartPower Duet Blender and Food Processor

BFP-703 Features: -Blender/food processor.-3-Cup capacity work bowl.-Cover with feed tube and pusher with liquid dispenser.

Blender Food Processor Reviews
  • “I replaced it with the Oster 6646 (much cheaper, but if it breaks in 6 years I won’t be so mad).” – BLN
  • “Please do not waste your time, effort, or money.” – Kate@home
  • “The replacement leaked just like the first one did and DESTROYED THE MOTOR once again.” – MRB

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